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180 Verona Drive, Winnipeg, MB, R2P 2R8

P: 431-338-7960     F: 431-222-1919


*Appointments only, no walk-ins 

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*Various Insurance Providers cover Nurse Practitioner services, check with your insurance provider*

HomeHealth NP Clinic Visit

General Visit                               $34.99

Virtual Visit

General Visit                                $34.99

Mobile Visit

General Visit                               $34.99*

PLUS travel fee                           $24.99*

Outside of catchment                Please call, 431-338-7960

*Visits must fall within our catchment areas, see FAQ if you are in the service area


Ear Flush                                     $34.99

Minor Procedure                       $49.99

- (minor wounds and dressings, incision and drainage, staple/suture removal, etc.)

Major Procedure                        $69.99

- (complex wounds and dressings, sutures/lacerations, large incision and drainage)

Medical Forms

WCB Form - Initial                   $69.99

WCB Form - Progress              $34.99

MPI Drivers Medical                $69.99

Pre-operative Medical              $69.99

Capabilities Form                      $69.99

Other Forms (please inquire)

*Some forms provided have provider reimbursement, fees may be refunded on receipt of reimbursement

Other Fees / Add-ons

Extra Time with NP 15 minutes $29.99

Travel within Service Area          $24.99

Outside of Service Area                  $2.49/km