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HomeHealth NP - Built with the Patient in mind

At HomeHealth NP we are striving to create an innovative system of healthcare delivery for medical issues. We simplify accessibility to healthcare services by providing multiple options of delivery, that way, the patient is in control of the type of care they want to receive. We also take away the hassle of long wait times by making our services available by appointment only, so you know exactly when you are going to be seen.


Having seen many sides of the system as a provider, registered nurse working the front lines, and as a patient, I recognize that our current state of healthcare can be improved. HomeHealth NP aims to do just that.


Want to know more about Nurse Practitioners? See our FAQ

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Nurse Practitioner & President: Marvin de Castro, RN MN NP


I have had a passion for nursing ever since I started this career, and understand that care is more than prescriptions and tests. In addition to providing high quality care, its about the feeling of being heard, cared for, and valued. These experiences resonate with me, and that is why I became a Nurse Practitioner. I have been moved around in the public health system as a Nurse Practitioner, and it is constricting to provide high quality care. I took the leap to provide independent services, because I understand what it really means to provide high quality care and provide a satisfying experience.

Highlights: Bachelors degree in Science, Bachelors degree in Nursing, Masters degree - Nurse Practitioner stream

Professional Experience: As an Nurse Practitioner I have had experience working in QuickCare Clinics and Primary Care Clinics. As a Registered Nurse, I have worked in all major hospitals and have experience in Cardiology medicine, Intensive Care Unit - Medical/Surgical/Cardiac, and Emergency.

Publications: Mobile Health Interventions in the primary prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (published 2018 in the Journal for Nurse Practitioners)



Primary Care Nurse: Sandy de Castro, RN BN


I love meeting new clients and giving the education they need to make decisions about their own health. I enjoy working in the community because it gives me the chance to communicate with patients and work with them to prevent any complications that may arise from their current medical issues. My goal is to ensure clients feel like they’re in control of their own health and feel comfortable connecting with our clinic for any questions and concerns that we can address together. 

Education: Bachelors degree in Nursing
Professional experience: Medical/Surgical, Primary Care

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