Rossmere Pharmacy:

1046 Henderson Hwy

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2K 2M5

Patient Advocate Pharmacy:

Unit 17, 2595 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2V 4W3


P: 431-338-7960 (Call/Text)      F: 431-222-1919

Hours of Operation
Office Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 7pm; Sat: 10am-1pm)

*Virtual and mobile visits after 6pm

*After hours care available for urgent issues - Please call to arrange appointment

*Appointments only, no walk-ins

HomeHealth NP

Location 1 - Within Patient Advocate Pharmacy: Unit 17, 2595 Mains St

Location 2 - Within Rossmere Pharmacy: 1046D Henderson Hwy

P: 431-338-7960     F: 431-222-1919

*Appointments only, no walk-ins *Call for same-day appointments

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